A short blonde vintage style wig with waves: Joy

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Blonde vintage style wig

Retro chic! This lovely little two-tone blonde wig is set in close finger wave curls and has a sophisticated old-world glamour.

Good Quality Hair

This wig is made from synthetic downLoads7 fibre, which is very soft and silky and feels like real hair.

Easy To Put On & Comfortable To Wear

The hair is sewn onto a lightweight netting cap. This is very easy to fit as it is adjustable. It is also soft and comfortable on your head.


  • Retro Style
  • Finger waves

5 reviews for A short blonde vintage style wig with waves: Joy

  1. rebecca

    I wear this wig regularly, and without fail, I receive compliments every single day! It’s so cute and comfy that I can’t help but adore it. What I especially love are the clips on the front that keep it securely in place. Only a select few, who happen to be fellow wig wearers, can even tell it’s not my natural hair.

  2. natalie

    I absolutely adore the length of this wig, and the bangs are just perfect as they are. The hair itself is incredibly beautiful and bouncy, adding a touch of effortless glamour to any look. The part sits perfectly for me, too, which is a huge bonus. I recently wore it on my Jamaican vacation, and despite the heat, it held up beautifully. Even after a quick wash with some laundry detergent, it bounced right back to its original style. I couldn’t be happier with it!

  3. jessica

    Despite being under the weather and dealing with the challenge of my hair not growing in nicely, I wanted to look my best for my BFF’s wedding. So, I opted for this wig, hoping it would keep me comfortable and not look out of place. My natural hair, darker blonde and curly, made me hesitant, but I found the blonde of this wig surprisingly cute. To my relief, there was no unpleasant odor when I took it out of the bag. While it did shed a tiny bit the first couple of times I wore it, the numerous compliments I received made it all worth it.

  4. hannah

    This wig is a gem! Not a single strand sheds, and the quality surpasses its price tag. The color blend seamlessly complements my short bald head, giving a natural and effortless look. The hair itself is luxuriously soft and expertly treated, while the length and weight are just right for a comfortable fit.

  5. ashley

    This wig is a comfortable choice for all-day wear, and with some styling finesse, it can look remarkably natural. While the bangs are on the thicker side and may benefit from a slight trim at the bottom, they still lend authenticity to the overall look. Additionally, it’s pleasantly lightweight, so you won’t find yourself sweating profusely throughout the day. While I can’t vouch for its heat resistance, I personally prefer to avoid exposing synthetic wigs to heat, and with this wig, I don’t think it’s necessary in the slightest.

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