A short red, auburn and blonde mix vintage style wig with waves: Solana

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Red, auburn and blonde mix vintage style wig

Retro chic! This lovely little wig is set in close finger wave curls and has a sophisticated old-world glamour.

Good Quality Hair

This wig is made from synthetic downLoads7 fibre, which is very soft and silky and feels like real hair.

Easy To Put On & Comfortable To Wear

The hair is sewn onto a lightweight netting cap. This is very easy to fit as it is adjustable. It is also soft and comfortable on your head.

  • RetroStyle
  • Finger waves
  • Colour: #BO -red, auburn and blonde mix

4 reviews for A short red, auburn and blonde mix vintage style wig with waves: Solana

  1. sophia

    I bought this for a barbecue party, initially just for fun, but I ended up loving it. It looks just like my hair, and I’ve even used it to play characters from magazines. Most wigs are very thin, but this one is super voluminous. It’s very easy to style, so I can get the look I want!

  2. jessica

    This wig is just perfect! The layers are all so well done—it’s the best synthetic wig I’ve ever purchased. If you’re looking for a wig that suits any occasion, this is the one! I got it for Halloween, and I absolutely love it. Every other synthetic wig I’ve tried gets tangled and messy, but this one stays perfectly in place. I love its length.

  3. rebecca

    I absolutely adore this wig. It has surpassed all my expectations. It’s voluminous, luxurious, boasts a gorgeous color, and wearing it makes me feel like I’m 20 years younger. The style of the wig is fantastic. It feels soft to the touch and closely mimics natural hair, despite not being real. It sits comfortably on my head, and the adjustable, breathable design is superb. Both its style and wearing experience are outstanding.

  4. hannah

    I want to change my hairstyle, and this wig is indeed helpful, and it’s still very cute at the moment. I really like this wig; it’s tightly woven but still naturally messy, and the hair is very soft, not too shiny or fake-looking. The curls are bouncy and look very natural. No need to go to the salon for a haircut anymore.

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